Thursday, September 25, 2008

X Bag purse

After being at the boutique at the quilt show I got inspired to make purses. I have been a collector of purse patterns for a while now however have not made one. Well that changed this week. I made 2. The pattern is the X Bag get it here. I started with this sparkly one. I had issues with the binding.

This one I bought 2 pairs of size 24 jeans at the second hand store. I cut them up and lengthened the handle to make a sling purse. The seams were too thick to sew through. Next one I will line the jeans with cotton for one of the ladies in my office.


belinda said...

great purses.....i too have a collection of purse patterns...i don't know why WE haven't just whipped some out before now???

Katie said...

I just bought that pattern this weekend at the Stash Dash. Your's looks great! I want to make one for myself. All I need now is time! :-)