Monday, September 1, 2008

Old Tobacco Road Mystery, Quilt Shack

This weekend had been fruitful in the quilting arena. We got 4 clues clues to Quiltville's latest mystery, Old Tobacco Road. I got them all done. I was up until 1 or 2 o'clock each night, but how peaceful. My SIL summed it up for me " You take pieces of something and make something beautiful. You can't wait to see the finished product." Well here is the inside of OTR just waiting for the borders.

I did get some time to quilt the sampler for my MIL. That is almost done!

I got a new chair! That is how I was able to sit all weekend and sew without my back screaming for an adjustment. Although, I can use one.

Jeff has been working very hard on the Quilt Shack. He took the week end and ripped up the floor and the walk way to the Shack. There is a lot of restoration or replacement to be done on the floor. See those broken boards? That is what happens when you load 3 cords of wood on 2X4s on 24 inch centers. Jeff is going on about joists and 2X8 and 16 inches and ...... all I can picture is... will I pick Bamboo or laminate or vinyl.

Oh, and by the way can you tell that one side of the roof is steeper than the other? Yep that's right. I just thought it was more scarry on the outside because there was no tree or bank.


Carolyn said...

Love your Old Tobacco Road quilt
mine is ready to assemble
what fun huh?
sure kept my hands busy this holiday weekend
by the way
love your blog
beautiful family and you sound so happy

Julie said...

Oh, I love your OTC. Beautiful colors - you did a great job.
Julie in Oregon

BJ said...

Your quilt is beautiful! good color choices.

Carol said...

Your OTR quilt is wonderful! I was out of town for the weekend so am looking forward to making the quilt. Thanks for the Monday morning eye candy. D:

Jeff, Kristi, Marisa, and Lucas said...

I love the Old Tobacco Road quilt. The colors work so well together. You really have a gift for quilting. I want to make one.
I had fun talking to you on Saturday. Glad I didn't slow you down any. Tell Jeff he's a good husband and I'm glad he finally has gotten back to work on the shack.