Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are here. Yea, finally made it to Disneyland! It was a lovely day. Long and tiring and hot but we made it. The kids hads a great time. Jeff and I did pretty well we did tire out at about 7pm. I promised the kids pizza if we could leave and they all agreed.

The Girls and I and my fried and her great nephew went to fantasy land, Jeff and the boys were off toTomorrowland. We caught up together later and were off to Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We were on the Thunder Mountain roller coaster and were asked to get out of the cars, the ride had been shut down!
While in Southern CA I did grab a phone book to check out the LQS but had enough strength not to drag my family to indulge my fabric habit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Here is a work in progress. Rolling rock, or rolling stone or a block by many names. My Mom and I are making it together. we have chosen to make it with civil war reproduction fabric. I have no idea if it is a pattern from that era. I thought it looked old. We have about 10 blocks made I guess we will have to share the quilt. We have a great reproduction fabric shop called Fancy Dry Goods in Columbia Historic State Park. Gold Rush era themed park with gold panning a live theater, the Fallon House. and great restaurants.

I am proud to say I started my mom quilting. This is her here with my 2 DDs 10,6,. She is a busy lady who now is retired and doesn't know how she had time to work. She is sitting in front of my husbands book shelf. he is an avid reader. However most of his reading is now done waiting for the children at some event or another.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday we made progress on my quilting studio. DH and I were on the roof of the wood shed removing the asphalt sheets that were rotten. I did not know that I had a problem with heights. Being a former skydiving instructor, with 1500 skydives, I never would have guessed that that was something that I would develop in my old age. As I shimmied up the ladder I got to the middle of the perch and sat my heart was pounding. I sat my hammer down, it and my nail box slid right off the the edge. I freaked out a little and had to maneuver down the ladder to retrieve my tools. When I stubbornly reappeared on the roof my DH said it was not necessary to continue. However, I knew more would get done if I helped. It was getting hot. I faced my fear and felt more at home by the time I was done.

My DD is still at Hume Lake Christian Camp. We miss her. We will pick her up at their lunch stop on the way home as we head south to Disneyland. I am on vacation next week and its time for more family fun. Here is a photo of the cookies I sent her. DH stumbled into the this recipe Best chocolate chip cookie ever. Delicious.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Beginning

Today is the day we started working on my quilting studio. I am so excited I can hardley contain myself. I keep all my stash and stuff in the laundry room . It is full. My husband wants the laundry room back (he does the laundry). We have been talking for a month about turning the wood shed into a quilting studio. Today after church he told me to get my grubbies on we had work to do. DH had to cut the tree back off of the roof. After a few hours of pulling old wood, trash to go to the dump, a few rats and all their excrement it looks like it might work. I have a window! The structure is 12'X18' it is an old skid house. The kind they used to pull into the forrest and use for logging. It needs a new roof, new floor, electrical, windows,doors etc....May be easier to start form scratch.

I did get some time to sew the OC blocks together. Looks great. I am trying to decide about the boarders.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We have a Winner!

We have a Winner!
On friday My DD got to draw the winner of the quilt raffle.
Jody Kellerman won the quilt. She was surprised, appreciative, and excited. It just so happens that we were going to have dinner with the Kellermans that night so she got to present it in person.
I was quick with the camera. She only has dial up so she wont be seeing this great action shot.
Nicole raised enough money for camp. I will start earlier next year because two kids will be going.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wall quilt

I figure since my blog is Dr. Quiltmom I should say and post something quilty.I know the antics of my children are cute but enough is enough. Here is a photo of the quilt I have on the wall in my treatment room. I love the colors (scrappy Asian) and this is a quilt I pieced in one day. Members of my guild were popping this one out. One day one such member was in my office showing me and all I could think about was that collection of fat quarters I had just waiting. That member happens to be the featured quilter in our upcoming show. Would it be tacky to enter mine too?
I pieced it on a rainy April day that I didn't feel bad about spending ALL day inside. It was a day that the kids got caught up on their TV and computer time. I am going to spend my next all day quilt day getting my Orange Crush done. Then I will put that one on the wall. I am loving the way the colors are coming together. Do you ever look at the same quilt over and over again and find a new thing you love about it? I am so fortunate that I am able to put what I want on my walls and look at it all day.
While in Santa Cruz we managed to find the LQS, Round Robin. It was not too hard we do have a navigation system in the car. However it does not post the store hours! It was next door to a great coffee shop so I got to experience another side of local culture. Cool Sign.
We did make a trip again the next day and bought guess what???? More Fabric. Beautiful Asian prints.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Win a Quilt

Win a quilt here at the old red barn.

Santa Cruz

Over the weekend I took my mom and kids to Santa Cruz. What a great time we had. About a 4 hour drive. Thank goodness for DVD players in the car. We got to the board walk about 11 am and got the kids day passes. The boys had a cell phone and I let them off the leash. They were too cool though. When I was over head on the sky ride like a ski lift I spotted them and yelled to them like a banshee I barely got an acknowledgement. The Giant Dipper roller coaster was as fun as I remembered it being when I was a kid.
My darling independent 6yo Alea decided to ditch her siblings later in the afternoon when it was getting really crowed. They went to get on the water ride all together while Mom and I sat on a bench. When they got off the ride an hour later Alea was not with them and never had been. Panic had started in. So for another hour we looked for her. When she found us she us she was mad. She had been riding rides. Whewwww. We rode a litttle longer then to down town to the skate shop. I got a parking ticket and saw a lot of vagrancy. Ate pizza and subway sandwiches and crossed the street to avoid people smoking a pipe with a funny smell! All in all a cultural experience.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Wednesday

It continues to be hot 107' and now smokey. I guess most of Northern California is on fire. Today is Alea's day to go to Toastmasters. She was very excited to go and tell her joke, but when it came to it she was too shy 6yo. she is only . She did enjoy her french toast.

Alea also is taking swimming lessons ans of course she is a star.

When we got home at 9am Jeff was out shoveling!?!? My comment was something like"boy, there must be some kind of emergency for you to be out here like this". Well, the septic tank had backed up. He said the best thing I could do is take the kids and leave. I was planing on having sewing company so we rearranged and We went to her house. When we arrived there was a Fed-Ex truck stuck in her drive way. That is pretty funny because her husband is a UPS driver.

My friend Dina asked me to help her make a T-Shirt quilt for her sister-in-law who recently lost her husband to cancer. She had all her fabric pre washed and ready to go. It was a fun day. We got the top done and next week we will quilt it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Boy it has been hot around here! Today 105' F. Since today is cardio day I decided to get up and go for a walk before I got ready to go to work. I can do cardio anywhere so why not early and at home? Everyone was a winner today. Tina the dog got to go for a walk (she is getting over the haircut and I am sure is happy about it). I was fresh when I got to work and I know all of my patients were happy about that ( I get kinda close to them). The noise I make in the morning was delayed 45 minutes so less bothersome to my husband. This a photo of my driveway so you can see it is a beautiful place to walk lots of up and down for heart rate variability.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camp out

This weekend there was a little bit of everything, fun with the kids, swimming, quilting, church and an afternoon at a friends house. Last night the kids and I had a camp out and roasted marshmellows for smores. We were on our back deck but is still a camp out, we do live in the mountains and the stars were shining brightly. We only have one small tent and and one airmattress. The girls and I were in the tent and the deck is hard i dont care how many sleeping bags you lay on. I discovered thet Alea has claustrophbia, she would ont let us zip up the tent all the way. She bailed after about 15 minutes. I could only handle the deck for about 1 hour. When I got up Nicole came with me. It was nice outside I would have stayed on the air mattress if the boys weren't scrawled out on it. Eric is the only one that stayed all night outside.

I got some sewing time yesterday while the kids were at the pool. I finished Nicole's quilt top now I need to find some flannle for the back. She wants it soft. But still not any closer to painting their room.

Ill get a good nights sleep tonight so I can go back to work tomorrow and rest up from the weekend.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.
Today is one of my favorite holidays. Summer, Friends, Food. The kids love holidays too. Today we went to Columbia Historical State Park to watch a Parade and participate in their celebration Here we are in Fancy Dry Goods with my friend Lindy. She has the best selection of reproduction fabrics. When you cant quilt we can at least fondle fabrics.
Alea and Kevin were in the watermelon eating contest. Kevin won 1st in 8 and under and Alea got 2nd 6 and under.

Then there was the greased pole climbing contest. Kevin Nicole and Eric all entered that one. The contest went on for 2 hours with the last 10 kids going over and over again. They were all exhausted. One kid won as they were on their last crawl. Never say Die. They all won 5 bucks. there was a collection for incentive. And strait to the Candy kitchen.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A day to spend with The Boys.

Today was a day off from work but I put a lot of miles on the car.
It started at 6:15 when my oldest son Eric and I left the house and went to Toastmasters (a public speaking group). My children all want to go so they all have to take turns. I think what they like most is having breakfast at a restaurant. But it could be that they all want one on one time with mom. Eric is 12 and going into the 8th grade. He can be very pleasant on a one on one outing. However he always wants my cell phone. Text and call friends download ring tones etc.... He played with it all morning and by 5:00 it was dead. From there we went to the dentist My apointment he waited in the waiting room pacing i am sure . Good news, the dentist recommened that I get braces. At 43 not something I am looking forward to.
From there we headed to the gym. A step/boxing/weight class with Patty (the best ever). Eric did mention that I was not in step with what everyone else was doing. She is a lot of fun and encouraging with all those instructions. From there we went back home to get the Dog for her yearly hair cut and got Kevin to join us in the running day. Dropped her off and went grocery shopping. Jeff says its always a mystery as to what I come home with. Stuff that is not on the list and without stuff that is on the list. He makes out the list according to the store so he doesn't have to backtrack. I messed it up today. he may not take me up on it next time I offer to shop.
Home for a quick lunch.
Me time! I had a 1:00 hair appt. So I dropped the boys at the Pool. Then took Kevin to the Library for Bug Day. He held a tarantula, a milipede and gigantic cockroach. Back to get the dog, back to the pool/skate park/ farmers market to get Eric and take him to church for youth group. When I got home a friend called and brought her son over for an adjustment. . Then my fabulous husband served dinner. whew!
Now I get to blog it. That is kinda fun. I do need to not watch my finger and practice my typing skills. It is never too late, just like braces!!!

The Poor dog . she lost her beautiful fur coat. But I bet she is a lot more comfortable.

The Girls have been at my moms for the week. I really miss them. hopefully they will be home tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Quarter

Happy Tuesday. Today is July 1st and the first day of driving with hands free phones. Today I wanted to call my mom on my way to work and I could not find that little bug to go in my ear. I found it later but I noticed it did not stop other drivers.

I have been using some new stretches for patients recently. Pain Free by Pete Egoscue
He has a great reputation and exercises are simple enough to understand.

My detox program finished up well. One patient lost 7 lbs. stopped taking medicine for acid reflux. She did not need it any more. YEAAA! Another woman lost 5 lbs increased muscle mass and has more energy than she has had in years. The one and only gentleman in the group said he did not need to visit the refrigerator at night and also is sleeping really well. I am really excited I may do detox programs every month instead of every quarter. The main product is Opticleanse from Xymogen it is really great. I intend to continue drinking it for breakfast because it tastes good.

Here is the project I currently working on. It is for my lovely 10yr DD. She wants me to paint her room blue because it is her favorite color. I am afraid to paint, or start to paint, so I decided to start with the quilt.( I know, backwards) Against resistance, because she loves her old quilt and did not want a new one. She reluctantly agreed but absolutely forbid me to put them on point. I thought she was being unreasonable until I am writing this and realize, I might be a control freak.

Looking forward to tomorrow its my day off and lots to do.