Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Beginning

Today is the day we started working on my quilting studio. I am so excited I can hardley contain myself. I keep all my stash and stuff in the laundry room . It is full. My husband wants the laundry room back (he does the laundry). We have been talking for a month about turning the wood shed into a quilting studio. Today after church he told me to get my grubbies on we had work to do. DH had to cut the tree back off of the roof. After a few hours of pulling old wood, trash to go to the dump, a few rats and all their excrement it looks like it might work. I have a window! The structure is 12'X18' it is an old skid house. The kind they used to pull into the forrest and use for logging. It needs a new roof, new floor, electrical, windows,doors etc....May be easier to start form scratch.

I did get some time to sew the OC blocks together. Looks great. I am trying to decide about the boarders.

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