Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camp out

This weekend there was a little bit of everything, fun with the kids, swimming, quilting, church and an afternoon at a friends house. Last night the kids and I had a camp out and roasted marshmellows for smores. We were on our back deck but is still a camp out, we do live in the mountains and the stars were shining brightly. We only have one small tent and and one airmattress. The girls and I were in the tent and the deck is hard i dont care how many sleeping bags you lay on. I discovered thet Alea has claustrophbia, she would ont let us zip up the tent all the way. She bailed after about 15 minutes. I could only handle the deck for about 1 hour. When I got up Nicole came with me. It was nice outside I would have stayed on the air mattress if the boys weren't scrawled out on it. Eric is the only one that stayed all night outside.

I got some sewing time yesterday while the kids were at the pool. I finished Nicole's quilt top now I need to find some flannle for the back. She wants it soft. But still not any closer to painting their room.

Ill get a good nights sleep tonight so I can go back to work tomorrow and rest up from the weekend.


Julie said...

Hi, Tamara. It is great to see your blog. You have a great start on it! I did not think to look - have you joined the Mystery Quilters webring or Stashbusters? It is easy and increases your viewership.

Brigitte said...

Looks great :-)

Greetings from Austria

Linda said...

Your blog looks great and your quilts do too. Great start on your blog...Here's a link to a site that will help you with your blog. I found it very helpful. I just played around with mine and you figure it out. If I can help you, please yell....
Hugs, Linda

Tricia said...

Hi Tamara,
Great you quilts you have made. You are a busy girl. I have four kids also, two boys and two girls, but mine are are smart to spend time with them as they grow up so fast. I love the name Alea, I have a granddaughter named Aliya, I am pretty sure they are said the same way. Keep up the great work and enjoy the blog it is addicting, I just started one also.

Don Lund said...

Great picture of the kids roasting marshmallows over the open fire (Weber).
It is fun to try a camp out on the deck. My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn with out a swimming pool.


Grandpa Don