Friday, July 25, 2008

Here is a work in progress. Rolling rock, or rolling stone or a block by many names. My Mom and I are making it together. we have chosen to make it with civil war reproduction fabric. I have no idea if it is a pattern from that era. I thought it looked old. We have about 10 blocks made I guess we will have to share the quilt. We have a great reproduction fabric shop called Fancy Dry Goods in Columbia Historic State Park. Gold Rush era themed park with gold panning a live theater, the Fallon House. and great restaurants.

I am proud to say I started my mom quilting. This is her here with my 2 DDs 10,6,. She is a busy lady who now is retired and doesn't know how she had time to work. She is sitting in front of my husbands book shelf. he is an avid reader. However most of his reading is now done waiting for the children at some event or another.

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