Sunday, January 31, 2010

Janurary Progress and a Formal.

I have been quilting the Carolina Christmas Mystery. The quilting part is not my favorite but having a completed project hanging on my wall definitely is.
The sunlight in my Quilt Shack is perfect this morning to show the quilting progress.A good friend of mine gave me a box of goodies for my birthday. I am just thrilled. I will and have used every single thing in this collection. She included 3 packages of bent safety pins because I recently bought safety pins at the dollar store and they were so dull I couldn't get them through the fabric. She thought I should have the real thing. I was just about to buy a new pair of little snipers because mine were getting dull. Thank you so much Lynnann.

My DS#1 went to his first formal dance last night. I was almost as excited as he was. I never went to any high school dances when I was in high school. Being 6'2" in high school I was not the most popular girl. So now I am living vicariously through my children. Is that wrong?

I was not nearly as excited as she was. That smile was a permanent fixture on her face. Very sweet, they had a good time.
Kendra was so nervous she could not even pin on the boutonniere. He was afraid for his life. Just like his father when I am anywhere near him with sharp objects. I don't know why, I am usually pretty trustworthy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cactus Patch

I have finally finished making my Cactus Patch Quilt from Bonnie Hunter's book "Scraps and Shirttails". The inside of the blocks are made from 2 inch strips of men's shirts. It finished at 114X112. I used cotton Batting and LOVE the feel of it. I haven't washed it yet. I think yellow walls are in order but couldn't wait to post the picture. I think that's why I haven't posted in a while. I would really like to post a photo of a finished bedroom but then you run the chance of never seeing it.

I I quilted it with my DSM (domestic sewing machine). I needed to visit my chiropractor when I was done.

For the back I used a 100% cotton sheet that I got at for a really good price. However it was not big enough. I pieced a big cross through it. I used a micro sharps needle. It worked really well, but the thread left a lot of lint.
Here is the sunrise this morning. I had to get up super early to get DS#1 to a bus headed to San Francisco to do a "Walk for Life" with his youth group (girlfriend) and their families. He wouldn't let the rest of us go along.

Next project is to get this baby quilted. Again, Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery Carolina Christmas. I made all of the blocks but am only using half of them for a good size throw.

Bonus picture of DD#1.