Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day of Soccer And Stiching

I finished something! This is the baby quilt I made for the Beautiful Lizzy Brennan. She was born at Stanford University Medical Center this past Tuesday.

I sat and watched Soccer on Saturday while stitched the binding. It is a simple Chinese Coin made with my stash.

I free motion quilted it with flowers and leaves. Turned out pretty good.Eric is refereeing Nicole's game.

Kevin and his buddy Hunter. These boys are a couple of hams.
Eric is playing goalie.
So is Nicole.

Maybe these boys are a bunch of hams too.
She is going to fake out the other team and her own team too.
This a picture of Kevin's traveling soccer team. They are in a more competitive league. We have to travel to Sacramento for most games. That is about 100 miles from our house.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mourning the Passing of Summer

This has been a busy time for our family and for me. Getting the kids and myself to all of our events takes a lot out of me. We have been fishing again. Here we are at New Malones Reservoir on Labor Day. It was only 102 degrees when we left at noon. Our 14 year old DS was complaining about the sweat dripping down his arms and his legs sticking together. I did remind him that he was at a lake and could go swimming with the other kids but I think he was too cool. This is Alea and her friend Candace.

I have developed a love affair with millet. A little spoken of grain that is gluten free and mixes into a variety of dishes. Here I cut up peppers, onions, tomatoes, and zucchini. Added corn and dried cranberries. I made a simple dressing and ate it for 3 days. Yummy!

My design wall has a quilt top on it this has been my summer project but I have probably only worked on it 3 or 4 times. It started as a Bali Pop and a piece of yardage I got at our guild yard sale for 5 dollars. That white spot on it is the sun shining through the window.

I did start a baby quilt the other day. One of my friends and a mom of one of my kids friends is having a baby soon. This week or nest I think. I had better get to work so that baby has something to be wrapped up in.

My DD Nicole celebrated her 13th birthday this week. She did assure me that she would not be one of "those teenagers". Such a precious girl.
I have completed 6 triathlons this summer (that is where my sewing time went). This past weekend 3 of my kids and 2 of my friends did it too. It was so nice to have company.
We all had a great time. I was glad I could get Eric back into it after his last attempt with a broken bike.
And just because I thought you all should see this.