Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day of Soccer And Stiching

I finished something! This is the baby quilt I made for the Beautiful Lizzy Brennan. She was born at Stanford University Medical Center this past Tuesday.

I sat and watched Soccer on Saturday while stitched the binding. It is a simple Chinese Coin made with my stash.

I free motion quilted it with flowers and leaves. Turned out pretty good.Eric is refereeing Nicole's game.

Kevin and his buddy Hunter. These boys are a couple of hams.
Eric is playing goalie.
So is Nicole.

Maybe these boys are a bunch of hams too.
She is going to fake out the other team and her own team too.
This a picture of Kevin's traveling soccer team. They are in a more competitive league. We have to travel to Sacramento for most games. That is about 100 miles from our house.


Tamera said...

What a lovely coin quilt!

Your kiddos look like they're having fun.

jenny said...

i love the picture of the boys and jeff in the background! lol.

Don Lund said...

Love the kids pictures.

Grandpa Don

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

Love the colors of your quilt. Very pretty :-) My mum loves quilting though due to health issues she hasn't been able to work on any for years now. Maybe one day I can learn how to sew/quilt and help her through her huge stash of fabric.

Dionne said...

Lovely quilt. Your quilting is looking so nice, that quilting cottage of yours is getting plenty of use! Love the soccer pics, reminds me to get my own camera out now that we are deep into the season, though our games are usually a bit (or a lot) wetter! Sometimes I miss living in Sacto, but Seattle has it's charms!

Shasta said...

It is a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on a great finish.