Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prom Night

Eric went to the prom last weekend. His date Sydney is on his right and her sister Ashley is on the left. He is a Sophomore and they are Seniors. It was Thursday morning and he called from the other room, "Mom, do you care if I go to the prom on Saturday?" "Hu?" was my immediate reaction. "With who???" As it turns out these beautiful, smart, involved young women wanted to go to their prom so they asked Eric and his other Sophomore friend to be their dates. He said they had a great time and even got dinner out of the deal.

Our new favorite place in town is here! I have been telling Jeff for years we needed a serve yourself yogurt place in town. One that has original Tart flavored yogurt. Here it is!! We are frequent visitors 
here. I think we paid the rent for the first month.
It was Mother Lode Roundup this weekend. The county celebrated with a Parade and a Rodeo. Kevin got to ride in a Camero 
sponsored by Sierra Motors. He is riding with my friend Tammy, her husband and son.

Eric and his Dad.

This made me laugh.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Life at the Lund's

We had a lovely Easter at our house. My daughetr and her cousin were joined at the hip.
The rest of the kids played video games.

Little House on the Prairie Days . I did get the chance to exercise my sewing skills making a bonnet, skirt and apron. 
 We have been enjoying the weather and all the yard work that comes with trees falling down.

 Softball and baseball have started. 3 nights a week we are out for games.
 Kevin, Alea and I ran in the Old Mill Run. They ran in the 2 mile race. Kevin took 5th place and Alea 16th. I stepped out and pushed the envelope and ran the 10K race. I felt really good about the race I did not even stop to hyperventilate.
Sonora Art Trails was last weekend. That is where 20 local artists open up their studios to the public. This is Patricia Cherry. She has a wonderful variety of talents. There is watercolor and oil and landscapes, portraits and abstracts, very talented.

This is Irene Taylor, she is a friend of mine. Her work is absolutely stunning. I offered her space in the reception area at my office. She is going to bring work down and hang it in my office. I am so excited!
This is Leslie Carabas, she also is a friend of mine. She belongs to my Guild and is a fiber artist. Yep, that work behind her on the wall are quilts. She is preparing for a one person show at a New York gallery. She had definitely inspired me to branch out and try more art quilting.