Saturday, October 13, 2012

End of Summer Update

This is Back to school pictures from August. Kevin and Alea perch on the tailgate of their dad's pickup.  
Eric Starting his Senior year.

Nicole starting High School.

Both of my Highschoolers. Such an exciting time in life. 

In June Nicole graduated from 8th grade. 

We also celebrated Kevin's 12th birthday.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beginning of Summer

Beautiful Pinecrest Lake. This is the trail around the lake that is great exercise. 4 miles of up and down, rock hopping and beautiful views.
The girls keeping busy while Mom runs.

Last day of school.

Lindsay and I went to Yosemite with her beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Update

Half Marathon runners! Recently Rhonda and I finished a half marathon! that is 13.1 miles. It was in San Mateo Ca. along the bay. The only thing I can complain about was the smell at low tide. However, it is really better to run in the morning than at high tide than later. So I guess no complaints here. Lindsay ran the 5 K race but is joining us next time in the half.
Number 1 son got to go to his first day of work the other day. Life guarding at Silver Spur camp and conference center, I think he wears the uniform well.

Kevin and Eric got haircuts the other day and a big Thank you to their stylist Michele Van Fossen.

Darling Daughter Nicole had to get dressed up for a 8th grade field trip to the state capitol. This is her dressed up braid. I cannot believe she is graduating from elementary school and worse yet, going into High School.

My friend Tammy's son Ben and his lovely fiance decided to get married the other day and just did it at the court house on his lunch hour.

Kevin is enjoying a bowl of banana ice cream that I made for him in my new Vita-mix:). I LOVE it!!! Healthy and breakfast. Bananas, milk, protein powder, cinnamon. Thats all. Yummm!

Lindsay and I took a trip to the Candy Baron on Pier 39

Sporting my bling from the Diva Half Marathon

And for a splash of color. I love these roosters. Not enough to have a collection (I have no where to keep them), but enough to photograph them and use them for inspiration.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Update and Some Homemade Laundry Detergent

Happy Spring everyone. I am so glad for another season. It just means that Summer is right around the corner. Summer is my favorite season. I love to go outside day or night and be warm. This year may be different, I am experiencing a few episodes of getting warm. I will let you know if I change my mind by July.

My Dad was here for a visit this last week. We were so glad that we had a week to visit and get some things done. Here is a photo of my Mother and Father visiting on mom's back patio. Such a nice and relaxing way to spend an Easter.

Lindsay and I made some laundry detergent. This was a project she found on Pintrest.

The recipe I used made 2 gallons but it turned out way too thick. I could not even pour it out of the jug. Next time I make it I will dilute it 2 or 3 times. I also may use a different type of bar soap. The fels naptha does not smell pleasant. However when the kids came in the house they commented that the house smelled clean, like soap. That was not a bad thing.  Recipe Link here

My Boys are Ski Geeks. I found them sitting on a bench dressed like this. I did not ask them to pose. This was the night before a trip to Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. My oldest worked there this winter in the ski and snowboard rentals. He was laid off early along with all the other high-schoolers due to such poor snow conditions this year.

You know it was hard to be mad at the kids messing around at bed time when they were brushing each others teeth. Goof Balls!

I had the greatest time visiting with my first cousins and my uncle during my dad's visit. I havent seen them in 20 years or so. We practically  grew up as siblings in the summers. It is too bad time and our busy lives keep us from one another.

We took part in a 5 K run for one of our friends senior project last month.

The girls got to visit their Grandma and spent some time bike riding. It is a lot easier to ride bikes in the city with paved roads and sidewalks. But especially where it is flat.

This past weekend we (Alea, Rhonda, and her lovely daughter Hanna) ran in Old Mill Run 10K in Columbia State park. It was 88 degrees and we were NOT used to it. It was the first day of heat here. I have been training in the mornings in the 40s. I am sure I will be OK when I get used to it but it was brutal.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Basketball

Kevin's 6th grade basketball team finished 2nd in their end of the season tournament. apparently they are a little disappointed in their finish. The boys played a great game and are fun to watch. Now they have started baseball practice, off to a new sport.
I made this yummy wonderful desert. It is from the Clean-eating Magazine website. Raspberry Coconut Macaroon Tart. Find the recipe here. The boys and I ate it all on the first day.

Jeff and I went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. This is photo of the inside of a mall. It rains every half hour. It is very impressive. We haven't been here in 20 years. To see all the malls and special attractions was really cool.

I took a lot of pictures. Here is the tile floor in the Paris Hotel Casino.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is what I have made so far this year.

This is what I have made so far this year. A Roman Stripe quilt set up in an arrangement that was pleasing to me. I did not care for the traditional set up with all the stripe points facing the same way. I saw it on a blog somewhere and then lost it. Sorry for not giving credit. 

I started with 5, 1 1/2 inch strips. Sewed them together and cut them in triangles the cut black triangles to match. Voila.... a striking colorful quilt for my wall in my treatment room. It measures 65"X65" or there about.

 The next undertaking was this snowflake quilt. I have had the idea rolling around in my head for sometime and decided it was time to put it into life. I used chambray fabric from clothes I bought at a thrift store a while back...4 years ago. 12 inch blocks and then I folded white fabric squares like I would for paper snowflakes and cut. I did go through a few of them before I Googled snowflake patterns and got an idea how to make them interesting. A simple raw edged applique to stick them on and away I went. It measures 65"X85"This quilt also hangs on the wall at my office.

Quilts not only provide easy decor, but also some sound absorption.

December all wrapped up.

We had our annual bowling adventure last month for my birthday. I would like to say I won but that would not be very truthful. Here it looks like Eric is taller than me but it is all perspective or tiptoes. He may be 16 and too big for his britches but not yet taller than his mother. Alea(10) is catching Kevin(11) very quickly and may pass him by summer. They are 17 months apart. Nicole is a lovely young 14 year old lady. With a mind of her own, bright, thoughtful and passionate. As for Jeff and me, we are amazed to watch the transformation of our children. They are growing into funny, independent, joyful individuals.

For Christmas we got the kids a trampoline. I may live to regret that decision. They are having the best time on it. They are having their friends come over and jump on it with them. While we are enjoying the mild weather they are outside at night too. Jeff installed a spot light on my Quilt Shack there in the background.
I made a gluten free lemon cake with butter-cream frosting. My favorite, I try only to make it on special occasions. Otherwise I would make it each week and we all know where that would lead. The recipe is from