Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is what I have made so far this year.

This is what I have made so far this year. A Roman Stripe quilt set up in an arrangement that was pleasing to me. I did not care for the traditional set up with all the stripe points facing the same way. I saw it on a blog somewhere and then lost it. Sorry for not giving credit. 

I started with 5, 1 1/2 inch strips. Sewed them together and cut them in triangles the cut black triangles to match. Voila.... a striking colorful quilt for my wall in my treatment room. It measures 65"X65" or there about.

 The next undertaking was this snowflake quilt. I have had the idea rolling around in my head for sometime and decided it was time to put it into life. I used chambray fabric from clothes I bought at a thrift store a while back...4 years ago. 12 inch blocks and then I folded white fabric squares like I would for paper snowflakes and cut. I did go through a few of them before I Googled snowflake patterns and got an idea how to make them interesting. A simple raw edged applique to stick them on and away I went. It measures 65"X85"This quilt also hangs on the wall at my office.

Quilts not only provide easy decor, but also some sound absorption.


kathy said...

that Quilt u made for your treatment room is awesome. You might price it and one of your Clients can buy it. Price it high enuf tho..dont undervalue your talent. anyone can buy a 39.00 sale quilt from the big box stores. homemade Quilts on the otherhand are priceless.

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