Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Got Some Trim, Fitness Update

DH was able to get some trim put up on one end of the quilt shack. It is really starting to shape up. I had a continuing education class this weekend out of town. DH was managing the kids and didn't have a lot of time to keep the momentum going. You can see DD#1 swinging in the background.

Fitness update is good news this week. Even though I was away I was able to make good choices in food consumption. I didn't exercise over the weekend but did do 30 minutes 5 days this week

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Down the Old Tobacco Road

It's done! Yeah I finished stitching the binding last night while watching T.V. with DH. We watched the new show with Christian Slater, My Own Worst Enemy. We enjoyed it.

I threw OTR into the washer and dryer and now it has all that crinkly goodness.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching Up

Have you all met my Teenager? He now seems to have a new appendage, his cell phone. I know, I know I gave it to him for his birthday and he is responsible with it but it never leaves his hand. Texting is his new favorite activity. He has a slue of girls in his address book that he communicates with. He is shy and I have always said he doesn't like girls yet ,because when they call he is kinda rude and cuts it short. You don't have to talk when you text. It is a whole new relationship. I bet there is a whole new movement....Ya Mom!

I am afraid DS#2 is following too closely in big brothers footsteps. He is much better at skateboarding than his brother was at 8yo.
For those of you following the progress of the Quilt Shack here it is. The other day we put the sliding glass doors in at both ends. We will need help getting the big front window in it is heavy. DH suggested that I wait until it is trimmed before posting pictures. Nah, lets see it step by step.

I opted to start the Wonky Log cabin however it is not too wonky. Here are the blocks I have made so far. I love it and am glad I have conquered the indecision. There is a tutorial for Wonky Log cabin blocks at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Great job!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Paralyzed by Indecision

Have any of you had so many options of what to do first that nothing gets done? That is the way it has been for a week now. I am down to hand stitching the binding on the Old Tobacco Road quilt so I have to save that for a time that I am away from home at the park or a soccer game or something. My quandary is to:

1. Do Judy Laquidara's BOM in another color? When I went to pick more colors from my stash I got the same color scheme.

2. Virginia Bound from Bonnie's Book? I need more light shirt scraps. I have tons of already cut scrap strips.

3. Take those strips and do Pineapple Blossom? I have always loved that one.

4. On Penny Quilts she has done Carole Doak's paper pieced Mariners Compass. I liked it so much I bought the book.

5. I have those Bali Pop strips and found this great site 2nd Ave Studio for the tutorial.

6. I love those wonky log cabin blocks from Tallgrass Prarie studio The tutorial is great.

7. Start on one of the quilts I told friends I would make them. I have learned not to ask them what they want, just to get done what I want to do then ask which one they want.

I am leaning tword the Wonky Log Cabin. I know that there is so much more to be concerned about than my next project. I try not to worry about anything out of my control. It seems that my projects are the only thing under my control so here I go, deciding which one to start.

I made it to the gym 3 times last week and fell way behind on my cardio goal. Today while waiting to pick up my son from soccer practice I jogged around the track a few times IN A SKIRT! I had my shoes but no gym clothes. I asked him if he and his friends were laughing at the old lady in a dress. They didn't notice.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here it is Judy Laquidara's Block of the month. She posts instructions for 2 blocks a month. They are really turning out nice. This is block # 6. The instructions were very easy to follow and it went together nicely. A big thanks to Julie in the barn for reminding me of the importance of the quarter inch seem allowance.

The blocks are making a great set. I have to have patience and wait until July for the finished quilt.

In the mean time I am still quilting the OTR. I am doing the outer borders.

More Fitness

Today was a day of a new weight lifting program. I met with Patty the trainer at my gym and she put me on a program designed by Dr. Len Kravitz Phd. A specialist in exercise science. I am a bit afraid of braininess but I am sure my trainer wouldn't steer me wrong.

The program consists of one day of weight lifting light weights to fatigue(20+ reps) and one day of lifting heavy weights to fatigue(8+reps) and 200 minutes of cardio a week. Sounds pretty simple. I know that any bit of exercise will benefit me. I know I will be sore tomorrow trying to figure out my appropriate weights for reps

Yeah, this picture got a ewwww out of me too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fitness Update.

Today is weigh in day at the office. It was a good day for all involved. I am down a total of 7 lbs! I made it to the gym 4 days last week and only weight trained 1 day but I am not discouraged. I know building lean muscle mass is the way to boost my metabolism. I will make sure to do it tomorrow.

Having you guys check up and encourage me is a big help. I am not alone.I even took advantage of the recommendation for a glass of red wine.

I liked this photo of red wine, but I can't help looking for subliminal advertising in it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quilting the OTR

Why do we love to piece and then think the job is done and start another project? Well I do any way. I don't have too many flimsys, but I have to make myself quilt them. So here is my progress so far on my much loved Old Tobacco Road quilt. It is a mystery quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter of Did you know there is another Bonnie Hunter Quiltmaker? How lucky we are to have such talent to help us along in our quilting journey.

I really should get on the stick and get this done. I am planning on hanging this in my office!

I keep reminding myself now is the time to spend with my DC (Darling Children) They are darling too, and busyyyyy.

We celebrated a birthday!

My oldest son turned into a teenager this week!

On Friday morning I woke him early and said, "Were going to breakfast this morning." He jumped up and got in the shower. When I got his siblings up too he said, " I thought it was just me. I might as well go back to bed." So I guess he is a true teenager now. In the "It's all about me" attitude.
We went to the only restaurant in town, The Black Oak Casino. They have a side door so we don't have to walk through all the smoke to get to the cafe. I got this picture and immediately said "happy birthday honey" as the security guard was on the way over. He stopped and did not say any thing. So if any of you are planning a heist of the casino from this photo don't tell anyone it was me.

Nicole was in the poison oak again. Poor girl swells every time. I took her home after breakfast. She did not have to go to school.

For dinner we had our usual Friday night pizza. We broke down and got him a phone for his birthday. We are the greatest parents in the world! Now we have leverage in something he cares about.

DS#1 and DH #1 and only.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fitness update

Today was weigh in day at the office. I am sorry to say is was not a joyous day. I was up a few pounds. I am not devastated because I can fluctuate as much as 8 lbs in a week. But The good thing is I was slapped hard enough to make me journal again. I know the problem. Can you say rice pudding and birthday cake? On a positive note I made my goal of weight training 3 days last week and aerobic 5 days thanks to a good game of freeze tag with my youth group on Sunday.

I find goal directed photographs more motivating. Once I had a photo of myself in bathing suit on my bathroom mirror, I learned just not to look at it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A special milestone

Today is a milestone for my DD#1 she is 11 years old. All day long she was reminded or was reminding about the specialness of the day. She got to pick where we had dinner. Perko's was the winner. It is amazing how perceptive she is when she wants to be. After dinner she excused herself to the restroom and while she was gone the servers of the restaurant brought the birthday surprise. On their way into the room we heard from the front of the restaurant 'WAIT A MINUTE!" She pushed her way through the line of restaurant singers and plopped down in her chair. It was a hoot! I am glad to know her level of self confidence is what it is.

She wanted to make sure I had wrapped her gifts and not just kept them in their store bags( I have been known to do that). I did wrap most of them and used a Christmas bag for one. She did not even notice.

Grandma brought her flowers and I know that really made her day. She has never gotten flowers before.

It rained today. They don't cancel soccer games because of rain, only lightning. Everybody was wet, but not as wet as the players. Here is DS#1 soaking and freezing. It was only 55 degrees this afternoon. Last weekend it was 95 degrees and I was looking for the pop up for shade. We so need the water. It is the first time it rained since spring.

I had a spare half hour after work on yesterday. I met a friend for a margarita before I picked up a child from practice. Sometimes we have to make time to spend with a friend or we just lose touch. But when you only have a half hour to drink a margarita you get a lot of brain freezes. We spent half of the time laughing with a finger pressing in the roof of our mouths or eyebrows. Does that really work or just make you thing you are doing something to help.

Don't you love the table. The server apologised for not having a table cloth on it because it was going to rain. I am so glad it did not. I admired the pattern. Hmmmm do I see another project?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here is Judy's block #5. It makes a great addition to my collection. I can hardly wait for the finished product. I had trouble with this one though. A lot of frog stitches. Something did not fit right. I will have to be more carefull when I cut and make sure to keep a 1/4 inch seam. I did turn a corner though, untill recently I would have just sewn it together and not cared about the points. Maybe I'll make another to prove to myself that I can.

Here is a pair of pants I cut up to make another X Bag. I included my foot in the photo for reference. I wear a whopping size 11. Look how much fabric you can get out of a pair of second hand jeans!

I went to the gym today. 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. So far so good, activity every day this week. Last night after work one of the girls in the office and I walked on the Dragoon Gulch trail. Nice walk.