Monday, October 6, 2008

Fitness update

Today was weigh in day at the office. I am sorry to say is was not a joyous day. I was up a few pounds. I am not devastated because I can fluctuate as much as 8 lbs in a week. But The good thing is I was slapped hard enough to make me journal again. I know the problem. Can you say rice pudding and birthday cake? On a positive note I made my goal of weight training 3 days last week and aerobic 5 days thanks to a good game of freeze tag with my youth group on Sunday.

I find goal directed photographs more motivating. Once I had a photo of myself in bathing suit on my bathroom mirror, I learned just not to look at it.



Don't be so hard on yourself!! Lifes too short!! Buy more fabric, have a glass of red... sit down and sew!! It works for me!! heh heh Nice blog!! Lx

Jane said...

HI Thanks for the encouragment! I really need it right now since it kind of hard to get started on an exercise routine. I have problems with my right hip and I can't run and I can only walk a short distance before it starts hurting. But at least I can ride a bike. I came home early from work today and the weather is so nice I will go riding now. ;o)

Wendy said...

Hang in there...weighing yourself so often is sometimes really hard. And, when you are just starting out, there is a tendency to gain weight. Plus is you are weight training, you tend to gain muscle and weight first and then loose the fat. Just keep up the hard will come off eventually!

Dionne said...

Oh, you are motivating me! And believe me, I need it!