Saturday, October 4, 2008

A special milestone

Today is a milestone for my DD#1 she is 11 years old. All day long she was reminded or was reminding about the specialness of the day. She got to pick where we had dinner. Perko's was the winner. It is amazing how perceptive she is when she wants to be. After dinner she excused herself to the restroom and while she was gone the servers of the restaurant brought the birthday surprise. On their way into the room we heard from the front of the restaurant 'WAIT A MINUTE!" She pushed her way through the line of restaurant singers and plopped down in her chair. It was a hoot! I am glad to know her level of self confidence is what it is.

She wanted to make sure I had wrapped her gifts and not just kept them in their store bags( I have been known to do that). I did wrap most of them and used a Christmas bag for one. She did not even notice.

Grandma brought her flowers and I know that really made her day. She has never gotten flowers before.

It rained today. They don't cancel soccer games because of rain, only lightning. Everybody was wet, but not as wet as the players. Here is DS#1 soaking and freezing. It was only 55 degrees this afternoon. Last weekend it was 95 degrees and I was looking for the pop up for shade. We so need the water. It is the first time it rained since spring.

I had a spare half hour after work on yesterday. I met a friend for a margarita before I picked up a child from practice. Sometimes we have to make time to spend with a friend or we just lose touch. But when you only have a half hour to drink a margarita you get a lot of brain freezes. We spent half of the time laughing with a finger pressing in the roof of our mouths or eyebrows. Does that really work or just make you thing you are doing something to help.

Don't you love the table. The server apologised for not having a table cloth on it because it was going to rain. I am so glad it did not. I admired the pattern. Hmmmm do I see another project?

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