Monday, October 13, 2008

Fitness Update.

Today is weigh in day at the office. It was a good day for all involved. I am down a total of 7 lbs! I made it to the gym 4 days last week and only weight trained 1 day but I am not discouraged. I know building lean muscle mass is the way to boost my metabolism. I will make sure to do it tomorrow.

Having you guys check up and encourage me is a big help. I am not alone.I even took advantage of the recommendation for a glass of red wine.

I liked this photo of red wine, but I can't help looking for subliminal advertising in it.


Jeff, Kristi, Marisa, and Lucas said...

Not only are your fitness blogs inspiring you to work out, you are also inspiring me to get back on track. I was really good about swimming and weight training last spring and fell off the wagon this summer. It's so hard to get back on those darn wagons too! Thanks for the boost. :)

Don Lund said...

Way to go with the fitness program. Thank you for the great pictures and information about the family and the activities of the children. Always fun for me to read.


Jane said...

Tamara WOW!!! You go girl! That is so great that you lost 7 lbs and went to the gym 4 days!!! You are really determined to meet your goals for health and fitness. I am very happy and excited for you!