Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quilting the OTR

Why do we love to piece and then think the job is done and start another project? Well I do any way. I don't have too many flimsys, but I have to make myself quilt them. So here is my progress so far on my much loved Old Tobacco Road quilt. It is a mystery quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter of Did you know there is another Bonnie Hunter Quiltmaker? How lucky we are to have such talent to help us along in our quilting journey.

I really should get on the stick and get this done. I am planning on hanging this in my office!

I keep reminding myself now is the time to spend with my DC (Darling Children) They are darling too, and busyyyyy.


Pippilotta said...

Hello Tamara,

oh my gosh, looks it good.

I wish, I would have mine finished by now. Stencils for quilting I have soon some wonderful with a leaf.



Jane said...

Hi Tamara,
You are more disiplined than me. I love to piece quilts but I don't like to quilt them. I have my Orange Crush finished but not quilted. Your quilt looks great