Saturday, October 11, 2008

We celebrated a birthday!

My oldest son turned into a teenager this week!

On Friday morning I woke him early and said, "Were going to breakfast this morning." He jumped up and got in the shower. When I got his siblings up too he said, " I thought it was just me. I might as well go back to bed." So I guess he is a true teenager now. In the "It's all about me" attitude.
We went to the only restaurant in town, The Black Oak Casino. They have a side door so we don't have to walk through all the smoke to get to the cafe. I got this picture and immediately said "happy birthday honey" as the security guard was on the way over. He stopped and did not say any thing. So if any of you are planning a heist of the casino from this photo don't tell anyone it was me.

Nicole was in the poison oak again. Poor girl swells every time. I took her home after breakfast. She did not have to go to school.

For dinner we had our usual Friday night pizza. We broke down and got him a phone for his birthday. We are the greatest parents in the world! Now we have leverage in something he cares about.

DS#1 and DH #1 and only.

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