Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catching Up

Have you all met my Teenager? He now seems to have a new appendage, his cell phone. I know, I know I gave it to him for his birthday and he is responsible with it but it never leaves his hand. Texting is his new favorite activity. He has a slue of girls in his address book that he communicates with. He is shy and I have always said he doesn't like girls yet ,because when they call he is kinda rude and cuts it short. You don't have to talk when you text. It is a whole new relationship. I bet there is a whole new movement....Ya Mom!

I am afraid DS#2 is following too closely in big brothers footsteps. He is much better at skateboarding than his brother was at 8yo.
For those of you following the progress of the Quilt Shack here it is. The other day we put the sliding glass doors in at both ends. We will need help getting the big front window in it is heavy. DH suggested that I wait until it is trimmed before posting pictures. Nah, lets see it step by step.

I opted to start the Wonky Log cabin however it is not too wonky. Here are the blocks I have made so far. I love it and am glad I have conquered the indecision. There is a tutorial for Wonky Log cabin blocks at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Great job!

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