Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Wednesday

It continues to be hot 107' and now smokey. I guess most of Northern California is on fire. Today is Alea's day to go to Toastmasters. She was very excited to go and tell her joke, but when it came to it she was too shy 6yo. she is only . She did enjoy her french toast.

Alea also is taking swimming lessons ans of course she is a star.

When we got home at 9am Jeff was out shoveling!?!? My comment was something like"boy, there must be some kind of emergency for you to be out here like this". Well, the septic tank had backed up. He said the best thing I could do is take the kids and leave. I was planing on having sewing company so we rearranged and We went to her house. When we arrived there was a Fed-Ex truck stuck in her drive way. That is pretty funny because her husband is a UPS driver.

My friend Dina asked me to help her make a T-Shirt quilt for her sister-in-law who recently lost her husband to cancer. She had all her fabric pre washed and ready to go. It was a fun day. We got the top done and next week we will quilt it.

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Julie said...

I have sympathy for your septic tank problem with the plumbing problems I recently had. Good luck with that!