Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A day to spend with The Boys.

Today was a day off from work but I put a lot of miles on the car.
It started at 6:15 when my oldest son Eric and I left the house and went to Toastmasters (a public speaking group). My children all want to go so they all have to take turns. I think what they like most is having breakfast at a restaurant. But it could be that they all want one on one time with mom. Eric is 12 and going into the 8th grade. He can be very pleasant on a one on one outing. However he always wants my cell phone. Text and call friends download ring tones etc.... He played with it all morning and by 5:00 it was dead. From there we went to the dentist My apointment he waited in the waiting room pacing i am sure . Good news, the dentist recommened that I get braces. At 43 not something I am looking forward to.
From there we headed to the gym. A step/boxing/weight class with Patty (the best ever). Eric did mention that I was not in step with what everyone else was doing. She is a lot of fun and encouraging with all those instructions. From there we went back home to get the Dog for her yearly hair cut and got Kevin to join us in the running day. Dropped her off and went grocery shopping. Jeff says its always a mystery as to what I come home with. Stuff that is not on the list and without stuff that is on the list. He makes out the list according to the store so he doesn't have to backtrack. I messed it up today. he may not take me up on it next time I offer to shop.
Home for a quick lunch.
Me time! I had a 1:00 hair appt. So I dropped the boys at the Pool. Then took Kevin to the Library for Bug Day. He held a tarantula, a milipede and gigantic cockroach. Back to get the dog, back to the pool/skate park/ farmers market to get Eric and take him to church for youth group. When I got home a friend called and brought her son over for an adjustment. . Then my fabulous husband served dinner. whew!
Now I get to blog it. That is kinda fun. I do need to not watch my finger and practice my typing skills. It is never too late, just like braces!!!

The Poor dog . she lost her beautiful fur coat. But I bet she is a lot more comfortable.

The Girls have been at my moms for the week. I really miss them. hopefully they will be home tomorrow.

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