Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wall quilt

I figure since my blog is Dr. Quiltmom I should say and post something quilty.I know the antics of my children are cute but enough is enough. Here is a photo of the quilt I have on the wall in my treatment room. I love the colors (scrappy Asian) and this is a quilt I pieced in one day. Members of my guild were popping this one out. One day one such member was in my office showing me and all I could think about was that collection of fat quarters I had just waiting. That member happens to be the featured quilter in our upcoming show. Would it be tacky to enter mine too?
I pieced it on a rainy April day that I didn't feel bad about spending ALL day inside. It was a day that the kids got caught up on their TV and computer time. I am going to spend my next all day quilt day getting my Orange Crush done. Then I will put that one on the wall. I am loving the way the colors are coming together. Do you ever look at the same quilt over and over again and find a new thing you love about it? I am so fortunate that I am able to put what I want on my walls and look at it all day.
While in Santa Cruz we managed to find the LQS, Round Robin. It was not too hard we do have a navigation system in the car. However it does not post the store hours! It was next door to a great coffee shop so I got to experience another side of local culture. Cool Sign.
We did make a trip again the next day and bought guess what???? More Fabric. Beautiful Asian prints.

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