Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.
Today is one of my favorite holidays. Summer, Friends, Food. The kids love holidays too. Today we went to Columbia Historical State Park to watch a Parade and participate in their celebration Here we are in Fancy Dry Goods with my friend Lindy. She has the best selection of reproduction fabrics. When you cant quilt we can at least fondle fabrics.
Alea and Kevin were in the watermelon eating contest. Kevin won 1st in 8 and under and Alea got 2nd 6 and under.

Then there was the greased pole climbing contest. Kevin Nicole and Eric all entered that one. The contest went on for 2 hours with the last 10 kids going over and over again. They were all exhausted. One kid won as they were on their last crawl. Never say Die. They all won 5 bucks. there was a collection for incentive. And strait to the Candy kitchen.

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