Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Quarter

Happy Tuesday. Today is July 1st and the first day of driving with hands free phones. Today I wanted to call my mom on my way to work and I could not find that little bug to go in my ear. I found it later but I noticed it did not stop other drivers.

I have been using some new stretches for patients recently. Pain Free by Pete Egoscue
He has a great reputation and exercises are simple enough to understand.

My detox program finished up well. One patient lost 7 lbs. stopped taking medicine for acid reflux. She did not need it any more. YEAAA! Another woman lost 5 lbs increased muscle mass and has more energy than she has had in years. The one and only gentleman in the group said he did not need to visit the refrigerator at night and also is sleeping really well. I am really excited I may do detox programs every month instead of every quarter. The main product is Opticleanse from Xymogen it is really great. I intend to continue drinking it for breakfast because it tastes good.

Here is the project I currently working on. It is for my lovely 10yr DD. She wants me to paint her room blue because it is her favorite color. I am afraid to paint, or start to paint, so I decided to start with the quilt.( I know, backwards) Against resistance, because she loves her old quilt and did not want a new one. She reluctantly agreed but absolutely forbid me to put them on point. I thought she was being unreasonable until I am writing this and realize, I might be a control freak.

Looking forward to tomorrow its my day off and lots to do.

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