Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quilt Shack Floor

Now this looks like a more stable floor! 2X8 on 16 inch centers all makes more sense to me now. I'm going with Laminate.

I guess I will be able to do aerobics in here if I choose to. That is the appropriate word.Choose. I have been having the worst time making it to the gym. I made myself go today, always feel better after, its is just getting there.

I quilted this for a friend last night. She is expecting a granddaughter soon so she make a quilt for her. She was worried that it wouldn't be done in time because all the local long armers are busy with the local quilt show coming up soon. So I offered to do it on my regular machine. It only took about an hour she had it all ready pinned and ready. Here is a closeup of the quilting.ere
OTR is waiting for the borders.


Alycia said...

WOW - I am impressed - not only did you get the OTR done with ease - you did that cute quilt. Its adorable! Great quilting!

scraphappy said...

I love your OTR, the fall hues look great, and you got it done SO quickly. Are you going to do the flying geese borders?