Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super Saturday

Wow, Today was a busy day, and it's not done yet.
It started at 7:45am with a soccer game for DD#2. It is so fun to watch those 6yo girls playing soccer.

Then to the quilt show to set up the video to sell CDs. I took the girls and we had a blast. DD #1 was the photographer. She went around taking all sorts of pictures of the quilts and what ever struck her fancy.

We were at the show before it opened and little did I know of the excitement of folks waiting to get in. Right at 10:00am there was a mad rush to the boutique. well I had to get in on the hub-bub. There were ladies grabbing stuff by the arm loads. I did manage to restrain myself. I bought one, only one item in the boutique. A pin cushion. I had planned on making that one from cotton spice ( I still may). It has crushed walnut shells in it. It works great and the best part is it was only 8 bucks!. Here is DS#2 putting the pins in it. From one of the vendors I bought Liberated String Quilts by Gwen Marston. I am ever vigilant looking for Liberated Quilt making. I don't think I got to all the vendors, I'll have to look tomorrow.
I learned what Bali Pops are. They are Hoffman's answer to jelly rolls with batiks. Think I am going to make a bag with these. They are so exciting. I heard an elderly lady say that the only time she gets her heart rate up is at a quilt show. I know what she means.
DS #1 had a double header here at home. At home I mean Columbia College 30 minute drive from our house. I have to say today was a glorious day for a soccer game in Columbia. 70 degrees sunny, light breeze, cold if you sat in the shade. The pines are lush the sky was blue. Over all a great day to be alive.

After diner I made Judy's BOM#4.

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Hi, Tamara. I was searching on Gwen's name and found you. Isn't Liberated String Quilts an awesome book? I love the quilts esp those gorgeous antiques. Gwen Rocks.