Monday, September 29, 2008

School Picture Day.

Nicole plays basketball at school. I was able to attend this week. As I was socializing in the stands I heard from floor,"Mom! pay attention!" She was standing at the free throw line. Oops! She missed the shot but followed it up with the rebound and scored. Way to go!

Today was picture day. So as the children prettied themselves up I got the camera ready.

I told Nicole she gets to wear her hair any way she wants to the rest of the year but today I want her to wear it down. It looks beautiful!

Kevin is working on making his smile look real and not like he is in pain. I won't tell you the words he says to himself to make him laugh.

Alea is missing 4 teeth in the front she refuses to smile and show the spaces.
Eric is working hard to keep the hair out of his eyes. He knows that he will have to cut it again if he is looking through it.

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