Sunday, September 7, 2008

Top Done

Old Tobacco Road top is finished! Yeah! I am really pleased with it. Here is the link. Bonnie Hunter of has done it again.

I have never done flying geese for a border before and when I saw the
instructions for the borders with measurements I got a little anxious.
I thought I would just wing it, but after I thought about it and all
the work I put into it so far I had to try to make it fit. I followed
the instructions. They were easy to understand and follow.I think did
a pretty good job of having an even quilt. Looks great and glad
I pushed the envelope.

Thanks Bonnie for the great instructions and the wonderful quilt.

Here is yesterday's photo of the quilt shack. I only show you this photo so you can get the full effect of Ultimate Catch. When I got home the kids were filling me in on their new game of ultimate catch. They were standing on the 2X8s playing catch. The 6yo got a raspberry on her leg but no harm no foul. Jeff is putting the sub floor in and having to replace the wall supports. I heard him mention that maybe he should have started from scratch. Too late now Honey.


Carol said...

You top is absolutely gorgeous! I just got started on mine and am anxious to see all the different quilts. :D

Pippilotta said...

Hello Tamara,

your top is wonderful. I stand with both feet in the second part. At first I have to sew Henrik s Birthday quilt. He must be finished saturday morning, when he awakes.



Dionne said...

Your OTR is beautiful, I'm not that far yet... and I too am a bit anxious about the flying geese.

I LOVE your quilt shack! You are a lucky girl.