Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Business

Saturday was a day to travel to Stockton for a Soccer tournament. Stockton is a town about 1.5 hours drive. I got lost. I have been there before but not to this particular park. I was reading the map upside down! I turned right instead of left, etc... We were half an hour late! We have had a car with a navigation system for about 4 months. I have become dependent on it. Don't ask me why I decided to to drive the other car this day.

Jeff stayed home and managed the other children with their soccer games.

Sunday is my day of rest. Our church was doing a special project of not just going to church but Being the church. Today, instead of going to church you were invited to participate in some sort of service project. The girls and I went to the park in our community and helped to serve breakfast and distribute food to those who need it. The boys went back to Stockton for day 2 of soccer.

This afternoon I got time to quilt some on my Old Tobacco road quilt. Nicole dug out the Spartan then decided she would rather piece by hand. I would prefer that also because she has one speed and that is to the floor. I am afraid for her fingers. Alea wanted to try. Here she is looking really proud. She was making a 4 patch and trying to convince me to buy her her own Viking.
Many of you are following the progress of the quilt shack (Hi Don). Here are the latest pictures. DH has decided the easiest way of squaring up the end of the building is to rebuild it. The window too.

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Dionne said...

I went to university in Stockton and I remember getting lost there several times! I hope the soccer game(s) went well. Your Quilt Cottage is starting to take shape!!!