Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, Family Day

Sundays are always busy with ideas the kids have of what to do. There was a swim party for Children's Ministry and our kids are always up for a swim party. Just so happens DS#1 had soccer practice at the school the pool is located and at the same time.
Here they are taking a test on rules and strategy. Coach Susan really does a good job with the boys. It was only 95 degrees today.

Here are my hams.

Then we went to my friend Marla's Garden for some fresh, organic veggies. The Kids are posing in front of her tomato plants. They are 7 ft. tall and delicious tomatoes. Do you see Marla's baby Molly? We do not have a garden of greens just tomatoes and peppers. Our tomatoes are not ready yet. I put them in the ground late. Here they are exploring and picking carrots!

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Dionne said...

I love, love, love pictures of happy, hammy kids! Your children look so wonderfully 'summery'! Thanks for sharing these pictures, it's nice to take a break from quilts and see the beautiful world around us!