Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sampler Top Done

I managed to finish the Sampler Quilt top. It really turned out nice. These sampler blocks are from the theatrical production of "The Quilter"which my father in law's wife was in. I have the DVD but haven't found time to watch it yet.

Last night was a meeting of the Sierra Quilt Guild. I am the refreshment coordinator at the meetings. I enjoy that position. The guild members make my job easy and they bring such great baked goods. Last nights meeting was a presentation of the featured quilter, Joice Swadell. This is photo of one of her quilts. WOW I have a lot of work to do. Our meetings are the second Monday of the month guests are encouraged to attend. Our membership is over 200. This a photo of our president Gery Smith(R) and Ginger Dugan (L) anouncing guests. My little Quilt Shack has had more progress. My husband has a Excell program of check list, money spent and time put in. Talk about organized! I wish I was more like him, but it takes all kinds for this wonderfull world to go around. He and his dad put vents in and cut a hole for the air conditioning unit. I'll be cool. I kinda think he may take it over and make an office for himself. I wouldn't blame him, he does need an escape from the kids.

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