Saturday, August 16, 2008

Opening Day

Today it started! Opening day for soccer. Soccer is big here in Tuolumne County. It seems like all the kids here play. I never played soccer when I was young. The kids play soccer on Saturdays all at one park. That is good it keeps us from running all over the county. But it does make for a long day. We got off easy today only 3 games today starting at 8am and ending at 1pm. Our oldest DS plays on a different league that travels to different cities for tournaments and such. He has been practicing for months now but has not started the season yet. Here are some of the prised photos from today.
Eric is practicing his smile. Doing good Baby.

I got Kevin to pose in his uniform before we left the house. The rest were too rushed!

This is a girl who just stopped a goal!

"Don't fall over!"

Nicole a ready goalie! That is her favorite position. But It gives me anxiety.

Kevin, playing defender for a really good team, has nothing to do. But I am so proud of him for paying attention. Last season he was doing the Macarena!

I have been looking at the second hand stores for a shelf for my stash. Today we visited the local store after the games and the girls wanted this Barbie house. I was worn down and agreed. That was the best $4 I have spent in a while. It has been good for hours of fun. A good distraction so I can sew.

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Jeff, Kristi, Marisa, and Lucas said...

I love that you post what the kids are doing, along with pictures. It's fun to see what is going on with all of you. I also really like the colors in your most current BOM. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed quilt (you know, 6 months from now). :)