Friday, August 29, 2008


After all that talk about featherweights on Quiltchat I decided I needed to start looking for one. One of my patients said she had a little cute singer did I want to look at it? She didnt know anything about it so I told her I would check it out for her. Well, here It is. I looked it up. It was manufactured in 1957 and is in very good shape. The belt occasionally slips while sewing but sews nicely. It has a carrying case and the attachments.

Does anyone have any idea about what it may be worth?
Then I uncovered an old singer 301 1951' I bought at a yard sale for $25 when I first started to quilt. I used it then retired her for a new Viking. I pulled her out and sewed 2 in. strips for those 4 patches for Bonnie's New Mystery, Old Tobacco Road. Boy, she goes like the wind, I'll call her Wendy.


Elaine Adair said...

Just 'found' you - after noticing the CC quilt in the background of your photo!

Love the idea of a quilt shack - wish I had one of my own!

Hope you come on by and visit me. Love those sewing machines, and the clever funny star quilt.

Pat H. said...

Love your Featherweight and your 301. I normally use must my Featherweight for piecing. I am also looking for a workhorse 301 longbed....... someday I'll find one.

Love your OTR. I'm still cutting strips for my 4 patches and pinwheels.

Pat H.