Sunday, August 3, 2008

Orange Crush Done Done

I have completed Orange Crush Mystery designed by Bonnie Hunter at As I was quilting it I realized that I have a lot of blocks turned the wrong way(almost like I didn't know there was a right way) and one little one backwards. I explained the concept of a humility block to my DH:) he couldn't find it.Looks good to me and you guys will be the only ones who know better.

It seems like the binding is the most tedious part. I took it to the library yesterday. I could not make the kids stay at home 2 days in a row. The library and the skate park are in the same park so whaaa laaa everybody is happy. I got a couple of books on tape to listen to while sewing (I can ask for nothing more). It was a challenge trying to read to my 6yo DD while stitching the binding but I did it. Completed it and photographed it before church this am. Yea! I am ready to start the next mystery.


Tricia said...

Beautiful quilt! I love your color combinations, I especially like those green spinning stars!
I don't see your humility blocks at all either...
I had a mistake in mine and didn't see it until it was all done, bound and I had taken a picture of it and put it up on my blog, in the picture I noticed the mistake..oh well keeps me humble, right!
Thanks for sharing your creation it is beautiful

Kathy Wagner said...

Congratulations Tamara! I know how hard it has been for me to get the top finished, let alone the whole thing quilted and bound! Great job!

Tanya said...

Looks wonderful. I did the same thing as you did and turned some blocks around and they stick out like a sore thumb to me but I realize when looking at your lovely quilt that these mistakes aren't really noticable to anyone else. Congratulations.