Sunday, June 7, 2009


Playing or lack of direction? I finally got some time to sew and I cant decide what to do. I have pulled fabrics 3 different times for Old Red Barn's Quilt along. Haven't cut into it yet or if at all. I have searched the Internet for Bonnie's Quiltmaker Mystery. Maybe Ill do that, maybe not. I want to expand my skills and do more art quilts. I have bought a couple of books at Diane's Blog suggestion.

I did practice some free motion embroidery.....Tah Dah.... This was fun I think I will do a wall hanging.

Got this project out of this book by Ann Fahl. She does a great job with lots of tips and instructions.

I did a few more blocks for the Geese in the Forest BOM from Twiddletails. I really love how these are turning out. I am using freezer paper paper piecing. These block took me 45 minutes each to do. I hope I get quicker with practice because there are 28 of these to be made.


scraphappy said...

You MUST do the new Bonnie mystery. Think of how fun it will be to play along. Everything is more fun with a friend. A mystery has timing issues, the rest of your list will still be there when you are done.

Dionne said...

I love what you are doing with the embroidery! Ann Fahl also has a DVD that is really good! I've been thinking about the new mystery of Bonnie's but I'm not sure.... I STILL haven't finished OTR!