Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to DH

Jeff celebrated his birthday yesterday against his will. The children were so much more enthusiastic about it.

I went on a field trip with my first grader. It was a lovely cool day at a community lake. The kids were not suppose to be swimming but who is going to keep a bunch of 7yo out of the water.
The dog got a shave and the cat did not recognize her.

By the way Twiddletails is having a give away visit and enter. I am really loving the Geese in the Forrest BOM From Anina.


scraphappy said...

It does seem that the more birthdays we have had, the less we want to celebrate them. Thankfully the kids keep us in the spirit of celebration.

Don Lund said...

I am guessing that Jeff enjoys the celebration more than he will let us know.