Thursday, June 11, 2009


O.K. I give. I can't resist a Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I have to throw my hat in and do it too. Christmas Lights in Quiltmaker Magazine. Here are my fabric selections inspired by these photos from Jacquie at TallGrass Prairie Studio.
The girls had a friend over and had a tea party. I was very impressed with my 11yo's initiative. She found an espresso set to have tea in. She set the table, set fruit out and had "tea" which was water and flavored stevia. I love having a friend over that includes the younger ones in the games.


Don Lund said...

Maybe we can have tea next week in Door County.

Grandpa Don

scraphappy said...

What great colors for the mystery quilt. I love those four patches. I think those will really pop in the final quilt.

Dionne said...

I'm so happy to quilt along with you in the Christmas Lights mystery! What FUN!