Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Hair Cut and a Fancy Dinner

DD #1 had a black and white dinner at our church this week. She said she did not have a black and white dress so she could not go. I did convince her that a purple dress would be acceptable. As she endured all the compliments she asked it they were true.

There was another hair cut in our family. Too bad is was not a more positive experience. Number one son was having trouble keeping his hair combed and out of his eyes. The solution was a cut. I even took him to the hair stylist. It looks really good but he is not looking forward to school tomorrow.

I got my stash put away. I went out there to take a picture of the lived in quilt shack this morning but I need to straighten it up first.


scraphappy said...

I like the new haircut. So much better to be able to see:)
All that fabric looks great. All ready to be turned into something fun and exciting. It looks like you have some room to grow.

Don Lund said...

Eric - little by little you are making it.

Nicole - Wow! what a nice looking young lady.


Grandpa Don

Dionne said...

What a beautiful dress! My guy NEVER wants his haircut, and he is only 5.

Sunna Reyr said...

You have a very beautiful children and your shack is wonderful. It's refreshing to see a moderate stash. Still much more than I have, but I'm working on it. Lol.