Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been looking for Topsy Turvy Tomato planters at our local stores and they have been sold out for weeks. I got tired of waiting and my tomato plants were looking for their home. So I made my own.
Two 5 gallon pails, a big drill bit to make the hole in the bottom, a sponge, and a couple of hooks to hang them. Here they are. Any thing has to be an improvement over my last years yield. My flower beds were not a good choice of location for my plants. They are hanging on my Quilt Shack.

I started looking at blogs on Artful Quilters Blog ring and saw inspiration from Diane here.
I am behind on making my friend her cat quilt for her birthday this year and I got very excited to see something I could probably do. My attempt at art quilting is not so original and a pretty close copy but I lack artful imagination. I am trying to bolster that quality in myself.
I remember watching a utube video about thread painting by Nancy Price. well here it is a thread painted branch. This is my first practice but decided it was ok to use. Actually I was afraid the next one would not turn out as good. The cat and the bird are applique.


Needled Mom said...

A great idea! I, too, have been fascinated by the tomato planters.

Great job on the thread play too.

jenny said...

those tomato planters are catchy this year. i might have to give them a whirl. great quilt picture!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Very imaginative tomato planter. What is the sponge for? blessings, marlene

Pat H. said...

It will be interesting to see how your tomatoes do. I tried it that way a few years ago. I never got any tomatoes. Be sure they get enough light.