Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is the new hair do. I tried to put a pony tail in but no go.

Pitcher! He only pitched to one player and he got him out. I held my breath the whole time.
Deep breaths before every pitch.

We delivered her lock of love to my friend Margie at "A Touch Of Heaven Day Spa and Salon". She sends donations of hair to make wigs for children who have a need. The organization is called Locks of Love. Check them out you might have a ponytail to donate.

My quilt shack is almost finished. The base boards and touch up paint and it should be good to go.I took my lap top out there checked to see if I could get Internet through our router. I can. I put an aerobics CD in and did a half hour before dinner. I had to be careful not to punch a hole through the ceiling with the dumb bells.


scraphappy said...

The quilt shack is getting so close to being ready. When are you going to move in and start sewing the days away?

Dionne said...

Both my daughters donated to 'Locks of Love'and they really felt good about it. I still haven't looked up those DVDs yet, you'll have to let me know how you like them this far into it.