Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cheering Section

Little League on Saturday. Here is Kevin's cheering section, looks like a rowdy crowd. I was bundled up in my car quilt that my Aunt made for me years ago. It was 60 degrees but the wind was piercing. Eric our older son was across the street at the skate park missing out on all the fun.

Now I am really cheering because we are one step closer to "Quilting Studio". Now it is Rice Wine. A little darker than I had envisioned but very cheery, with the trim, laminate flooring and my stuff inside it will be perfect.

Today was the Girl Scout Pancake Breakfast. My little Daisy got to clear tables and set silverware. It is easy to sell the tickets when you have a big family.


Don Lund said...

Looks like a lot of fun things are happening. I am looking forward to seeing all next weekend.

Grandpa Don

Dionne said...

What fun, I remember how much I loved pancake breakfasts as a child. I haven't been to even one with my children though, such a shame!