Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Guild Meeting

Marjan Kluepfel was our guest tonight at the meeting of the Sierra Quilt Guild. She had presentation entitled "Evolution of a Quilt Artist". Her sense of humor had us all laughing and her work was unbelievably inspiring.

She did a class for some of our members on fabric dying. They seemed to have a great time and showed off some fantastic work.

It was my lucky night at guild. I have been looking for hand dyed fabric at at our local store with no luck. I purchased a bundle of 120 4 inch hand dyed squares from ebay for $7.75 just today. I bought a yard of hand dyed from Marjan, I won a FQ bundle from our raffle and my friend gave me a late birthday gift of a yard of fabric. Lucky me! I probably won't use all these in the same project.

I am the hospitality person and the members brought lots of goodies.

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Dionne said...

Looks like such fun, one of these days I need to find a guild. I love your great fabric-y gets!
PS - I learned to quilt at a store called the Pincushion in Elk Grove, I wonder if you've heard of it.