Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looney Tunes

We took a trip to Magic Mountain and Universal Studios. Here we are as we entered MM park. The kids were less than interested in the photo op when those roller coasters were calling to them (us).X2 was the 2nd roller coaster we rode but the others don't compare. They were OK but X2 was the best ever! It reminded me of skydiving. The boys liked it too. It was a bit much for Grandma and the girls. They spent much of the time in Kiddie Land and the ball house.

Waiting for the meet up at the merry go round the boys made good use of their time.
I di dspend a little time quilting on my vacation. I think I made a mistake early onin the quilting style. It is taking me forever to get it done. I am thinking about changing to an all over thing but the quilting shows so much on the back I better suck it up and keep going.

I dropped my camera and broke it so there are no more pictures of our vacation.

I am enjoying the pattern and the colors. It is from Moda's Bake shop.

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Don Lund said...

Hope you get a new camera. I would miss the pictures.