Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not An Ordinary Day

This weekend I participated in my first Triathlon. I know I have been kinda secretive about it but I did not want to commit myself publicly for the obvious reason. I have never done anythig like this before. I have never been an endurance athlete I have always been a very poor runner and never cared for it. I did not even own a bike. I did however swim competitively growing up. I have not swam laps in 30 years though.
I decided to do this in June when talking mater of factly about the physical condition of triathletes. After looking up what exactly a Triathlon consisted of I said to myself "I can do this". It was tongue and cheek for a while when I said I was triathlon training, my DH would give kind of a chuckle. But I did it and not only finished, I finished 21th out of 65 women competing in the short course, 4th in my age group.

I did well in the swimming leg. I am here somewhere but you will have to find me.Transition from the swim to the bike. It takes longer than you think to to put clothes on over a wet bathing suit.
After a run I crossed the finish line! Wooo Whooo. Here I am with a friend of mine who also competed in the race, his first too.


heather said...


jenny said...

you are my hero!!!
you inspire me on so many levels.

Bonnie said...

Wow! Good for you! I am impressed!

Don Lund said...

Hooray for you!!
It is impressive that you set out to do something and then prepared yourself and then did it well.


Melinda said...

My daughter has done several triathlons and while I am very proud of her, I can't imagine actually doing it.


Sunna Reyr said...

I've just started reading blogs again since late August but wanted to say congratulations. This is quite an achievement... Says one who thinks water aerobics twice a week and yoga once a week are more than enough exercise, I'm also trying to walk daily too but am sadly not disciplined enough, like I'm sure you are.