Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Week

Nicole celebrated her 12th birthday. She was born and raised in California and is Minnesota Twins fan through and through. Go Joe Mauer. What she wanted for her birthday was a Twins cap and a Mauer Jersey. Such a happy girl.Eric celebrated his 14th birthday. I don't know he got so old. He just wanted cash. So that's what he got. With all the money he bought himself an iTouch. Another good leverage tool. I made cupcakes for his soccer team but the powdered sugar frosting was lumpy and not very attractive. So while we were at the soccer tournament DH Jeff scraped the frosting off, bought some canned stuff, and made a soccer ball out of them. Isn't he clever?
Kevin is working on his tooth pick project for school. He learned that hot glue is really hot. I know he has craft sticks here, but he is building two towers so he can make a tooth pick bridge across them.And Me? quilting, quilting, quilting...

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