Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Fancy

This week I got another finish. This one I call Lyndsy Green. I guess because I made it for my friend Lyndsy and her favorite color is green. Her birthday was last month and I had to give her a rain check.I started by calling this one and another one Flee Market Fancy because that is the name of the quilt the tutorial is from by Crazymomquilts. Little did I know the quilt was named for the fabric line it was made for. Well now I have to come up with my own quilt name.

It seems I always have a model or two when I try to photograph a quilt in the floor. After my heavy sigh I came to my senses and appreciate the charming little folk for their playfulness.
I did all this free motion quilting. It felt like it took forever. I went through about 2000 yards of thread. The quilt measures 86X68.A little free piecing for the back to add interest.

A little red thrown in for variety. This is probably the most photographed landmark in our area. It is referred to as the Red Church for obvious reasons. Learn more about it here.


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the muted colors of green that you used.

Gee....I wonder why they call it the Red Church.

Shasta said...

It's a great quilt, and I would love to have models. My models are too shy usually.

Pippilotta said...

Your Quilt is so beautiful. How wide was your block, when you have finished it? Perhaps I will try it. When I have the christmas lights and my blog advent calendar quilt done.


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