Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Storm

Since I can' t move this photo to the bottom I will explain it right out of the gate. We found these little critters on the floor right after we got the snow pants out of the shed. My DD put on her snow pants and these fell out! Yuk! I was way more upset about it then she was. These bugs weren't even dead. When I started to clean them up they started moving their crawly little legs! They went straight to the fire place.

We had quite the snow storm this week. This live oak went down in our driveway. Here is Kevin posing. We spent 4 hours cutting and clearing this big guy. I got to help because I couldn't get out to go to work.I really wanted to work on a baby quilt for a shower next week so I truged my way out to the Quilt Shack for a little while. The heater had been on for a couple of hours and the temp only made it to 48 degrees F.
My daughter had to do a science fair project this month. We (I) decided we should water a plant with microwaved water and also boiled water. I heard about this one when someone emailed a scary post about microwaved water killing her plant. Just a bit too sensational, we had to see for ourselves. As you can see the microwaved water grew the plant just fine, maybe even better. But it certainly did not kill it.


Dionne said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that oak went down where no one was hurt! I hadn't heard of the microwave water scare, but I'm glad it isn't true. Stay warm and cozy!

Don Lund said...

Looks like ticks to me. Not a pretty sight!

mj said...

Thanks GOD that your family are OK. Its look like the snow storm is really strong.

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