Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catch Up

Hi, remember me. It has been a month since my last post. I have not forgotten you. Life seems to get busier and I get more tired.
I have gotten half of my RRCB sewn together. I love the way it is coming out.

I did finish the quilt made from a Bali pop. I got it to my DSIL in time for Christmas.

We not only got a new septic tank we also got a new leach field.

We are having a lovely February, The children spent the day playing out side.

Today we started athletic season. The Orient Express run was sponsored by the Sunrise Rotary today. Eric, Alea and I ran the family fun run mile. Next year my goal will be to run the 4 mile. I would have attempted it today but my excuse was that I would run/walk with Alea. She beat me and I ran the whole time.

After race refuel.

We walked the neighborhood today selling Girl Scout Cookies. A good couple of hours and the rest of the exercise.


Don Lund said...

Thanks for the update. Great picture of the four kids together. Glad to see you have a proper place for the family waste.

Dionne said...

Your RRCB is looking Fabulous! I love that you and your family did the fun run together. What an inspiration. I would like to do that with my kids.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh you poor thing - While the quilt photo, kids photos are great, having to post about a new leach field AND a septic tank are just tooooo pitiful. OK, they ARE importante but ...)

You need a quilt shopping trip

DL3 said...

mj said...

It was a nice experience for your children. I love the pictures of your children. Their smiles are great.

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i Manul said...

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