Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Quilt Shop and a New Cleaning Boy

Meet Lindy. She is the owner of Timeless Calico Designs in Sonora on historic highway 49. I have been meaning to stop at Lindy's store for a while now and yesterday was the day. "hold on kids" while we made a last minute turn off the highway when I saw her sign.

A Beautiful little store that boasts, "We have the largest selection of 19th century historic reproduction fabrics in northern California".

Here is the cleaning boy for the week. He has been after me for a while to let him make some money. Our regular office cleaning lady was on vacation this week so Eric got his chance. I was pleasantly surprised by his efforts. He will be be my backup boy. His comment," Are you really going to blog this?".

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Don Lund said...

You could come and clean for me.

Grandpa Don