Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother of the year...NOT

Sunday was a day that I was being a bit selfish. I woke up early and got to work on my Chocolate stars quilt. I will probably call mine something about stars and diamonds because the diamonds are the first thing that hits y our eye. Maybe I should have switched the color selection. But, I digress. I finished piecing the top and pinned it. Lost in my own little world DD#1 (12) asks, "aren't we going to church today?". With a heavy sigh, "I think we will stay home today, will that be OK?"came out of my mouth.Later, with a nice day looming and some errands needing to be run, grocery shopping, friends birthday party, and the girls asking if we could play tennis,... guilt got the best of me. I took them to play tennis and romp in the great outdoors. I sat in the car and read. I told you I was not "Mother of the year".
They were happy and I was happy, all was good.Then I got some quilting done. Now, all was good.

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heather said...

If you are reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo you are total excused.